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How to setup a Teams meeting via Outlook

  1. Introduction
  2. Outlook online
    1. Outlook calendar
    2. Setting up the meeting
  3. Outlook client
    1. Outlook client calendar
    2. Setting up the Outlook client meeting
  4. Tl;dr
    1. Outlook online
    2. Outlook client


In todays day and age meetings are probably more than likely to be virtual, particularly after the pandemic. So in todays post I’m going to show you how to organise a Teams meeting through your Outlook Calendar and how to invite people to it.

Outlook online

Outlook calendar

The first thing you need to do is open up your Outlook calendar, if you don’t know how to do this then go to your emails and click on the calendar icon on the left of the screen.

It’s located under the 9 dots in the top left.

Once you’re in there, click on ‘New event‘ in the top left corner.

Setting up the meeting

Now that you’re in the new event setup, you can start to organise the meeting. The below images point out some of the important parts of the setup.

You must toggle the Teams meeting on otherwise it will just be a regular event, if it’s setup as a Teams meeting then people will get an invitation to the meeting and will be able to join it from their calendars.

Outlook client

And what if you’re using the Outlook client? Well that’s even easier as there’s an option for it in your calendar!

Outlook client calendar

Head to your calendar which is located in the bottom left of your Outlook client window.

The calendar is located at the bottom of your client.

Once you’re in there, there is a button at the top of the window that says ‘New Teams Meeting‘, click that.

The ‘New Teams Meeting’ in the top of the calendar.

Setting up the Outlook client meeting

Once you have the meeting window up, simply fill in the details such as the attendees, the date and time and a subject if you wish.

The Teams Meeting options.


Outlook online

Go to your Outlook calendar > New event > enable the ‘Teams meeting‘ toggle.

Outlook client

Go to your Outlook client calendar > ‘New Teams Meeting